Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Something special.....

He should have eyes that light up the room
his heart is made of gold
his smile will make you melt
when he came into this world, he broke the mold.

He doesnt have to be perfect
just perfect to me
actually pay attention to me
the me inside, he can see.

When he looks into my eyes
it's like he's looking into my soul.
When I'm near him, it's like a fairytale,
He makes me feel whole.

Someone who will care 
and hold me when Im sad.
I wish I could find him
what I want, I've never had.

He can tell me anything
and for me, he's always there.
I want him to be careful
yet accept how I can do any dare.

He is a great kisser
and, really, so incredibly sweet.
he's such a dreamy person
who can sweep me off my feet.

He is kind of old-fashioned
always opening the car door.
He always does enough for me
yet- I always do want more.

You see-looks dont matter
and i dont care what they think
Im happy and they aren't
be careful to see, dont blink.

This man that I look for-
His name should be S#####.

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