Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aku budak baru la...

Firstly, I m quite busy and dont realize about this segment. Then, when I saw his latest post about he want to visit one by one and criticize about the blog that he had visited, I want to join in.
This is because I want him to correct me. Hikhik, for me he is like lecturer in this blogging arena and his entire segment is like the assignment that he gives to me. Ive missed some of his assignment but Ill do this one.

Berikan satu tempat pelancongan yang menarik pernah korang g dan kenapa ... satu jer .. TAK KURANG 100 patah perkataan ..

One of the best places to go for vocation is Terengganu. When Im studying there and still studying in Terengganu, I feel like it is one of the heavenly place. The beaches are so beautiful, Pantai Tok Jembal, Pantai Batu Buruk and so on. Then, for some people who likes to explore about history,  Terengganu state museum is full with its historical artifacts. Moreover, if you are the shopaholic one, dont forget to go to Pasar Payang, the heaven of tudung also above MPKT. In addition, for someone who is natures seekers, Air Terjun Sekayu is the best place. So, I hope that you can criticizes my blog, Sir Ben Ashaarihikhik


  1. salam perkenalan..saya rozuan..jom singgah blog saya..

  2. salam ayuni..

    waah header and layout baru ek..cantik!

  3. join segmen nie plk erk,,

  4. da tgk blog awk...jemput ke blog saya plak...

  5. salam ziarah dari blog ben...

    datang guling2 tengok entri jap (^__^)

    Jom guling-guling disini pula:

    Azrul Hisham -My Real Life

  6. dtg ziarah dari blog encik ben ashaari.. jemput dtg umah.. salam ziarah=)

  7. Terengganu is a very nice place to go. ;-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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