Thursday, December 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum, one more interesting segment from Mr Ben Asshaari. Ok, I'll copied the question in Malay but I'll answer in English.
  1. Pada pendapat anda , apakah yang perlu ada dalam sesebuah blog ? 
In my opinion, in a blog, a must is the writer's idea. Actually blog is the place to express our mind, our idea or also information. Alas, for some blogger who is smart may used it as promotion place for their product. Then, of course interesting pictures, interesting layout also in a blog.

2. Bagaimanakah anda mempromosikan blog anda ?

I promote my blog by apreciating my followers that always reads my ideas, give comment in positive and negative, I show it by giving award, follow their blog back and always giving comments in their blog because for me, if you want people to read your blog, you must read others too.

3. Blog bagaimanakah yang anda tidak suka masuk ? dan kenapa ?

Political blogs and gossips blogs because I'm kind of not interest in politic and don't want to involve in any artist gossip.

4. Jika anda masuk ke sesebuah blog , bahagian manakah yang akan menarik perhatian anda ? 

The header and the layout!!!!! Also beautiful and unique widget.

5. Apakah kata kata semangat yang boleh anda berikan buat blogger yang mana semangat mereka telah jatuh akibat dikritik hebat oleh pembaca ?

Hm, for me critiques is to improve ourself. Yes of course there is positive and negative critiques but just take it to the positive side. Everyone have their own opinion.

6. Blog bagaimanakah menjadi pilihan anda ..

Blogs that  is full with motivation, hadiths, Quranic verse and also others.....

Thank you very much Mr Ben Ashaari for this segment. May Allah bless you always....


  1. salam ziarah sis...

    teruskan blogging ya!..=)

  2. terima kasih sbb sudi dtg ke blog sye yg x seberapa nie....

  3. blogging is interesting activity.. keep it up.. :)

  4. Singgah dari blog Mr Ben ye~
    keep it up :)

  5. Terjah dari blog abg ben ;)
    Segmen Abg Ben
    "1.Bila Si Dia Bertanya??"

  6. semoga terus berjaya dalam dunia blog...

  7. Semoga berjaya!! Tulisan tu kalo gelap skit wrna mesti lagi cun dik... :)

  8. salam...

    singgah kali pertama di sini..tahu di blog abg ben..

    follow blog awak..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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