Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coming back to the world of knowledge......

Assalamualaikum, now I'm in UniSZA. After about 6 hours in the bus, what a day! Feel so tired but I think I can still typing here as I will leave this blog for 3 days. It's raining outside, quite eerie because of no one here. I think I'm the earliest and the weirdest as the staff for the students hostel asked me a lot of quetions. Well, maybe because of I'm quite blur that time. Hm, I want to show some of the quiet scenery in UniSZA, hikhik......

From my room

Quiet road...

So quiet, I can hear the gust of wind from afar......



  1. Quite Scary laaaa...Tak seram ker? Hehehe...Jgn tinggalkan kami lelama tau!! :D

  2. wow.. dah sampe kampus ekk.. nnt stat sem baru yek..
    belajar rajin2

  3. tenagkan bila buka jer tingkap, terus nampak pokok menghijau.

    dah lama tak masuk dalam tu...last sekali pergi 3 tahun lepas..

  4. cantik tempat dia... tenang je dear,,, suka sangat!

  5. Looks Cool thou for me no.
    Nice pic's Wishing you well

  6. http://igossiprizal.blogspot.com/2010/12/pose-slumber-laptop-contest.html

    jom join!

  7. roomate dh balik ker?? bahaya tu sorg2..


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