Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Whoa, I knew this campaign from Mr Ben Ashaari’s blog and the Potpet king blog. Seems nice and a good topic nowadays. Actually this is the hot topic that my friends and I always discusses about. This is because some of them stated that sexy is abstract and some of them said that they are beautiful, so why must they cover their Aurat?

In my side of perception, covering your aurat is like covering your dignity, especially to the women and girls. Allah stated that we must cover our aurat, so just do it. Don’t questions what allah had stated. Even in Al Quran, in Surah An Nur, said that we must cover our aurat like covering all parts of body except face ans hands, for women. So, for me, it is our responsibility to do it. I’m not Alim or some kind of ustazah but I do aware about that since my family taught me that than in UniSZA that is Ibefore KusZa, the rules of Islam is quite good here. So, please cover your aurat, it is your dignity…..

So, I want to tag:


  1. tq...
    sebur pasal aurat... x semestinya perempuan je... lelaki pon sama...
    wokeh.. sama2 beri support.. ( ^ ^ )

  2. ape2pun menarik post ni ingat mengingati...

  3. thanks for your support ya!
    moga Allah memberkati usaha kecil kita ni.
    and thanks for sharing idea untuk topik ni, sungguh bernas =)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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