Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funny things about birthday!

25th December, my sister’s birthday. It’s interesting right? Her birthday falls on Christmas day .Hikhik, every year, she seems not so look over about it.  This year I want to give her something different from before. Just then I saw something fascinating in the Mr dogpile.  It said:
One birthday riddle ponders: “What goes up and never comes down?” The answer, of course, is “Your age.” They happen like clockwork yet each one is unique. You can never have the same one twice. It’s impossible.
Did you know you can also only have one “Golden Birthday”? From age 1-31, a person encounters his/her “Golden Birthday” one time only: On the day in which their age matches the day of their birth. Thus, if you were born on March 15, your “golden” birthday would be when you turn 15; for January 7, when you turn 7; and so on. This particular birthday is also known as one’s “Lucky Birthday,” and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.
Other fun birthday facts involve people born on a leap day. Every four years, a day is added to February to make 29 days instead of 28. If you’re born on this date, then technically you only have a birthday once every four years. This creates a conundrum for some and fun for others. For example, on your 21st birthday, you could claim to be only 5 years old!

So, how about you all? Do you all have your golden birthday?Hikhik… I’m still not ….



  1. 25th dec jugak anniversary my MIL n Fil...hehehe...

  2. Golden birthday, rasanya takde lagi kot..huhu

    Happy Birthday in advance ti your sis Ayuni...

  3. dah lepas la..19 years ago..huhuhu..

  4. kadang2 x ingat pon besday sendiri~ ;p

  5. happy birthday kepada kaka.. aik! tak nampak pun kaka? mana dia pergi ni...^^


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