Monday, December 13, 2010



Hikhik, everyone is busy voting Blog Pilihan Malaysia and I’m here. Actually I compete too, pilihan 1 and number 3 but I guess I like Mr Ben Ashaari campaign more, about our pled to not to smoke in the public. These are the questions:

·         Ceritakan satu pengalaman anda bersama mereka yang merokok yang mana anda amat tidak suka sama sekali sikap mereka itu ..

I have lots of experience with smokers and one of them I’ve stated before in my entry of Tolonglah. Hm, this is one of my experiences, I’m studying in UniSZA. From Temerloh to Terengganu, I’ve got to take a bus. Last semester holiday, I got a seat behind a smoker. Even though there is a large sign in that bus, don’t smoke, he still smoking. Can you all imagine, smokes in the air cond?  I felt so dizzy and coughing, even a girl beside me is coughing too. Then, alhamdulilah, a guy beside me said aloud, “ Ei, kat depan tu kan ader tanda jgn merokok, x paham bahasa betul” . That guy that is smoking in front of us threw away his cigarettes and without feeling ashamed, he smiled at us, Ya Allah, I really don’t understand why…

·         Rayuan anda pada mereka ...

O mister smoker, please, you are killing yourself and others. Please do cares about others, don’t be selfish. Your cigarettes is full with toxic, it can killed 10 bulls if you want to know. Please stop smoking…

·         Cadangan anda kepada kerajaan terhadap isu rokok ini ..
Harshly I would like to say, just fined them…



  1. Salam adik Yuni yang manis,

    Fines of smokers; this will not solve the problem. Government should continue to ban the sale of cigarettes in the country.

  2. Agree! Indeed many of our national income comes from tobacco companies. That is why the government did not dare to ban smoking in our country, and so too smokers continue to spread.

    Ayuni, next time, do answer my comments here, no need to answer it in my blog. I definetely will return to see your comments.

    p/s: akak pun dah lama tak menulis in english ni, habis berterabur..lama dah duduk rumah kan. Tapi seronok sekali sekala, asah balik vocab dan grammar tu. ..:D

  3. hikhik, hikhik, your English is still quite goos, keep it up, I really respect your opinion, May Allah bless you, sis...

  4. berhentilah merokok .. sebelum anda di berhentikan.. hehe..

    nice entry la.. :D

  5. Zack: btul2, Thnx so nuch, May Allah bless u...

  6. ye , setuju.. and bau rokok yg melekat kat baju/ seat kereta/ bas.. urgh.. takboleh tahan


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