Friday, December 17, 2010

May Allah bless her....

It’s not like I want to pour everything here. I always remind myself that Allah is always watching me and love me. When thinking about this, I feel so sad because it reminded me of my ex roommate. A few minutes ago, there is one of the blogger here followed me. When I went to her blog, Ya Allah, she stated there that she’s having this disease, SLE ( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).

What is connection between my ex roommate and the follower? My ex roommate has SLE. She’s now in Sarawak.  I knew all the pain that she has to go through, the medicines that she has to swallow every day. I’m so pitied of her. To that follower, I don’t want to state here, May Allah bless you always. Please be tough. Don’t ever give up in your life. Allah is always by His servant. I will always pray for your health. O tears, please don’t….


  1. ayuni ,,hihih lari topij boleh.... boleh ajar kina cm ner nk buat blog list tu jadi 5 jer.. i mean ada scroll bar..thanksss

  2. sayang bukan yg scroll gerak2 tu tapi yg statik ni.... nk ada scroll bar cm ner? hihi

  3. err..sle stands for what? saya tumpang simpati..semoga siblogger tu cepat sembuh..mudah-mudahan.. :)

  4. wahh!! kebanyakan nya sama mcm saya..

    anyway.. terima kasih singgah blog saya


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