Thursday, December 9, 2010

Me n my teddy contest


This is something I got from Authentic blog. Actually it is a contest and I just simply enter it because it is interesting, I guess. This brings back my memory, hikhik....

Hm, what I wanna tell about this huge teddy bear? I got this mysterious teddy bear from my friend. She got it from her boyfriend, Valentines presents. As we are not celebrating Valentines, she just gave it to me. Hikhik, now, she is happily married with that guy but the secret of the teddybear is still with me. That guy don't know I'm the one who's taking care of Gigantic, the teddybear's name, hikhik....

So, I want to tag:


  1. aiyakkk!!! saya mana ada teddy bear... seumur hidup belum pernah beli teddy bear. kalau robot banyak ler... x dapek nak tolong..huhuhu

  2. why not awak cipta sendiri soalan dan tag kawan2.. or fikirkan satu idea yg lebih menarik. saya tunggu... :)

  3. Ini cukup asalkan ada banyak di luar sana hanya menunggu kanan.

  4. whoaaa... that name really suits it... hehe gigantic..

  5. hahaha.... kak..sayer ad bubu busyuk je tau... kah dgn akak da ni...;p


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