Saturday, December 25, 2010

Perfume and us, how to choose...


Enon came to the room with a very sad face. “Enon, what happened?” Dyba asked, she sat on the bed. “Dyba, I don’t know how to use a perfume…hukhuk”
“Good gracious, you don’t know, ok, I ask Sis Yeong first, she’s pro in using beauty products” Dyba looked at Yeong. “Ok, firstly…..

  • Do not decide to buy the best-known brand of perfume or the one which is "on top" at the moment. This may not be a good idea at all.
  • To make a good choice, you should go to the perfumery early in the morning when you can smell things better. However, if you have a cold or you are tired, you should put off your visit till another day.
  • Try perfume on clean, non-perfumed skin. During one test you should try only up to three different fragrances because your nose will not be able to recognize more scents.

“Hm, how about smelling the cap of the perfume to know the fragrance?” Dyba asked, curiously.
  • Do not smell the top of the bottle or its cap because the scent you smell is not the real one. You may smell an odor of alcohol instead. You should not also try perfume on the piece of paper but on your skin.
  • When you spray perfume on your skin for the first time, wait for about thirty seconds until alcohol evaporates. Then you will be able to find out what the top notes of perfume are. The top notes are highly volatile, evaporate quickly and do not last very long. The Base notes have a profound influence on the blend. They are very long lasting (come out 20 minutes to 2 hours later) and at the same time, fix other essences.
  • If you have already decides which perfume to choose, buy the smallest bottle of it. The expiring date of perfumes is usually up to three years from the manufacturing date. Even if you do not use your perfumes often, they may change.
  • Different fragrances are suitable for different age groups or for different occasions. For example, for a young woman green scents are more suitable than oriental ones. But for the evening meetings or dates you should wear heavier, more sensuous types rather then light ones which, in turn, are suitable for daylight use.

“hm, that’s all” Yeong smiled. “hikhik, Thanks sis, dyba, let’s go to Mydin tomorrow” Enon stared at Dyba. “o, no…….

PS: information courtesy or mr Dogpile, the actress are all my friend, they are good…

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