Monday, January 17, 2011

Aku ini wanita......


Hikhik, you are so concern, Mr Ben Ashaari! I salute you!!!!!

Your new segment about women really makes me respect you more. You are one of my favourite blogger!!!!

Ok, the questions are:

Ceritakan atau luahkan perasaan anda terutama mereka yang bergelar ibu yang mana ramai para suami kurang prihatin tentang masalah mereka yang bergelar ibu yang terpaksa juga bekerja bagi membantu suami , atau suri rumah yang menjaga anak , mahupun mereka yang bergelar pelajar .. Tak lupa juga buat mereka yang kecewa dalam percintaan kerana ditipu dek lelaki .. LUAHKAN apa saja.. tapi jangan la over sangat yer.. cover cover la skit ..

I'm not a girl but not yet a women, a perfect full women in the sense of I'm not married and still studying. My life is wonderful because I have a very happy family, a very understanding one as thay taught me a lot about my rights as a girl and a student. They poured a lot of love to me through their positive teaching in Islam. Love life? Yes, at last I found someone that really apreciate me as a women. He is really caring and understand my feeling. He also guide me to Allah and abide all of Allah's law. Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah. I'm really thankful because you've made me found a very nice person that always sincere with me and our love.

Nasihat untuk lelaki ?

Well, for the guys out there, please respect women as you respect your mother. Without women, you are nothing. Allah created Adam and Eve is for Adam to be guided and love. don't treat them back. If you are a good man, you will get a good women, trust me.....

Ps: Mr Ben Ashaari, you really opened my eyes about life.......


  1. bagus2!
    suke pesanan awak kepada sume lelaki!

  2. betul tu, without women, men is nothing..heheh..

  3. saya selalu respect wanita/ibu.. tiada ibu yg melahirkan, tiada la kita lahir ke dunia

  4. thanx semua, wanita n lelaki perlu saling seimbang....


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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