Sunday, January 30, 2011

Berjaya Times Square (3.44 million sq ft)


When Lela said that she wants to go to Times Square, I browse around the internet. It is not I never went to Times Square, it is just because Lela said Times square is one of the largest shopping complex in the world! Wow, proud of Malaysia. Emmet, do you still want to go to Nevada? Let's go shopping at Times Square like before........

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square is a twin tower complex containing a shopping centre and two five star hotels. With 7.5 million square feet (700,000 m²) of built up floor area it is currently the fifth largest building in the world.
It includes more than 1,000 retail shops, 65 food outlets and several entertainment attractions such as Asia’s largest indoor theme park, Cosmo’s World and Malaysia’s first-ever IMAX 2D & 3D theatre which is located on the 10th Floor. Believe it?


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