Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogger gegarkan u!


New segment from Mr Ben Ashaari. Got to join this because it is so interesting. As I'm one of the university students in Malaysia. Hikhik, the questions:

  1. Belajar mana ? Jurusan ? Tahun ?
  2. Asal mana ? Umur ?
  3. Kenapa amik jurusan itu ?
  4. Cita cita .. peewwittt ..

I'm UniSZA's kampus Gong Badak, Terengganu student, taking Bachelor of English third year, semester 6. I came from Temerloh Pahang and in teh 20's. Actually I'm taking Bachelor of English because English is a very unique language. People from all over the world communicate using English. It is not other language is not important, it is just I really like to explore other part of the world.

All airline pilots and air traffic controllers have to speak English. They have to learn a precise and specific vocabulary. If pilots and controllers would speak different languages, international air travel would be very dangerous, if not impossible.
In many countries, the citizens have different tribal languages. Even though English is not a native language, the governments select Engilsh as an adopted national language. There are several reasons for this.
 1) no one tribe will have a political advantage over the others;
 2) a common language will enable people of different tribes to communicate with each other without them having to learn all the other tribal languages;
 3) the government documents and laws written in English will be less subject to interpretation than if they had to be written separately in every tribal language; 
4) an English-speaking population will attract International trade and foreign tourists; 
5) the young people who speak English will be able to travel, study and work abroad more easily and 
6) it will be easier for them to adopt new technologies, as well as to get the technologies that they develop exported around the world.
Many groups of people want to influence world politics. They want to ask for help, explain their situation, or argue their position. If they use a language that is not understood by people around the world, they will not have a possibility of getting what they want.  

So, that is why I'm taking this course. 

  My ambition? anything that involve English, with English I can be a writer, journalist and even a teacher. If we understand English, especially before I'm taking Dip in Science, I can explore more science world. If you realized, lots of academic books nowadays is in English. Then, If you want to enter university taking bachelor also you have to take MUET. English is so important!!!!!! to whom out there that always mocking people who want to speak in English, please stop, don't be too negative....

Ps: Mr Ben, I really love English even though my grammar is not good.....


  1. wow..
    sy kurg dgn bi ni.. heheh...

  2. besoonye tulisan..hehehe..hye budak u.

  3. Good girl!.. keep on improving ur English and Grammar. Visit me at

    nice to meet u..

  4. hikhik, I'm just a mere student....

  5. salam dr UKM

  6. baru jumpa eak..hihihi
    uniza..mcm mane duk ganu bet dop?

  7. oklah walaupun ssh nk dpt kenderaan kt cni...

  8. good job for an effort to explore and write in english... cuma certain sentences tu mcm direct translate from malay to english.. byk2 membaca english newspaper and books! that will do... :) insyaAllah.. best of luck.

    p/s: english sy pun masih byk perlu dibetulkan. kita sama2 belajar. hihi

  9. hai.
    sy student sebelah uni awk je:)


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