Saturday, January 8, 2011


Look at this, 

I'm very happy because at last my existance in this blogging world is not a mystery anymore. You all very good and I guess I will try to follow back. I don't know how to thank to all of my friends here. Thank you very much for following my blog. You all the best. Hm, I think that maybe one day I will create give away or awards for my beloved followers, love ya'll!!!! May Allah bless you all....


  1. tgk ayuni.. walaupon in english org still follow.. sbnya kiteorang pon phm eng.. hehe2.. IR suka org yg menulis in eng ni.. Tapi IR x berani tulis eng sb IR suka merapu byk dlm bm

  2. sis nak tau satu rasie tak??

    dulu kan mase first time buka blog sis ni, saya takut nak tego tau..sbb yelah entry english2 sume..ingat takleh cakap melayu..pastu rupenye sempoi gak sis ni..terus hilang ketakutan..haha :)

  3. Salam sis..thanks for dropping by my blog..follow u back..may Allah bless you too! :)

  4. IR: thanx sbb bnyk tlg sye...

    Siti: sye biasa jer, wat english sbb nk improve english....

  5. ayuni..jempot ambik award kat blog akak..wpon takde tag name ayuni.tapi ayuni antara yang akak nak bg..cume lupe je nak letak name ayuni..amik tau..=)

  6. Hi are one of the lucky person that i tag..

    good luck!

    p/s: nak improve english jgk..hehe

  7. proud of u dear!berani blogging in english..
    ayat pun superb..keep on blogging!will always support u!

  8. kak yuni...your intention berblogging actually just like me...we have the same intention... me too want to improve my English since that blogging has the capacity of writing as much as we want..then..i chose blog over FB... but not that i am not using the FB anymore..but i prefer blog to write longer and longer... in fact...we can help reading our English...they will able to learn one or two words in English....right?

  9. salam kenal.....dah follow ur blog :)


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