Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Someone Special You Love...

This poem is for the one I love
This poem is only for you
To tell you how much I love you
And cannot think of life without you

I want the time to stop
I want the oceans to crawl
To make the moments special
The moments I have with you

When we hold hands, when we walk together
When we talk of things that always matter
The peace in your voice, the love in your eyes
Make those moments special, and is my only Treasure

You are not my way to happiness
You are happiness for me
And I know you respect my feelings
That makes me want nothing but you

Sit beside me and be my life
Help me to sail through this journey of life
Be yourself and be my world

For I want nothing but you the way you are.

Ps: Mr S, thank you for everything....



Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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