Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Header experiment......


As science speaks.......Hikhik, trying and trying until you get the best, that is the positive attitude. Duh, I've done everything to make my header looks creative even though i'm not a computer arts students, I do love experimenting things. Playing with Xara, Photoshop and Photoscape brings me this unique header. Hm, maybe it is not beautiful like an expert would do but I will improve, Insyaallah. Ya Allah, thank you very much. Thanx also to Wan Hazel for his tips!!!!!!


  1. shantik amy try buat tapi tak boleh la dear..tak pandai memang niat nak tukar header nie tapi kena amek masa sikit

  2. gigih u tukar2 header...bagus2..

  3. hikhik, sbb ader org komplen ari tu header yg lps truk n seksi, xelok, so kne tukar...

  4. Rajin la adik sorang ni.....Apapun,sebab berani mencuba, akak ucapkan :

    gud for you and continue the hard work !!! ;)

  5. makin tak lawa.. ske yg lama..


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