Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Often

When the darkest of your clouds are so
close to my house.

And, if I bypass them, I often wonder,
is there light behind them.

I often wonder, when you descend the
rain Angels from heaven; thus,

collecting moisture.
And, when the first drop of rain is

formed and release down on me.
 Do you know what

that do to my heart?
I often wonder, do you  feels

the same way that I feels about you;
And, if I'm going to feel kind of

blue can I feel it with you.
I would love to sit underneath of

heaven with you.
And , as we sit here together, can

you reach over and touch my heart to
slow it down.

And, at the same time as you are reaching
for me; can I touch yours too.

I love you, smile.


  1. sempenan hari yang berbahagia ni..jom join contest dgn senang hati...

  2. wah...bestnya ayat2 ni..puisi ke apa ni?


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