Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The launching of EEP


I've posted before a banner photo of TOT in Merang. So now I want to tell you all about the launching of EEP. That night, the ceremony is quite grand. Our TNC gives a very great speech. I'm so motivated to polish my mentees and be a good facilitator. Here we go.......



  1. owh....yeah... i do have the picture taken by madam mahani during the launching ceremony... well..as you know.. i was the one who sit on the chair at the front door of DABS with kak azu waiting for frens and lecturers to come and give the guide books...hahah.. i love that moment...

  2. huhu
    moga dapat jd fasi yg baek tok ur mntee!

  3. salam

    teringat saat jadi fasi dulu..seronok..

  4. That's a very valuable experience for you.


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