Thursday, January 6, 2011

My everything......


Seeing my friend's blog, it's making me to do it. It gives me inspiration in this Friday morning. So, I want to join this segment, not because of the prizes but because of this blogger has his own unique way of writing and I'm want to be in his friend group. Actually, His blog is quite interesting.

Firstly, he want me to add this header, I'm so sorry, Mr Sudirman, I can't get your header but I try my best....

She is the light in my life. She gaves me life, hope and love. She is the angel that guarding me. Because of her, I know Allah. Because of her, I know this world. She guide me to Allah by saying, "Yuni, ingat Allah" when I'm very sad in what ever problem that I faced in my life.

This is for you, mama....

I Love You Mom!

    Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,
    Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,
    Mom's love will stay with us forever
    and touch our lives in precious ways...

    The values you've taught,
    the care you've given,
    and the wonderful love you've shown,
    have enriched my life
    in more ways than I can count.

    I Love you Mom!

I hope that one day I can be with her, take care of her, giving her a house, a car and many grandchildrens as she wants. The most important thing is I want her to be in heaven when Allah takes her as she is the most pious woman I've ever known. When I miss her, I looked at abaya that she bought me when she's in Mecca. I love you, mom....

The most bad thing I've ever done and making her cried is when my course decided to take a trip to KL. It is not because of she don't want to let me go but her instict that something bad will happens. Both of us cried because I said that I'm old enough to go but she said that she sense something wrong because if anything happends, my father is outstation, so no one can help me if something occurs. At last, I don't go. I knew that out there, there's someone not agree pertaining my decision but I hope he or she understand because I do it for my mother's sake. Sorry. My mother is my everything.

This is during my convocation day in UiTM Shah Alam, I'm really happy on that time because the most important person in my life being there, celebrating with me my achievement. Even though half of my family can't makes themselves free on the convocation, it's ok, I'm so grateful to Allah.

My beloved family, my life, my heart and my soul.....there's another one sister not in the pic because she's not there on the time of photography, La and her husband, so sorry.....

Ok, that's all I can say about my mom and my family. I love them very much. Mr Sudirman, I'm in !!!!!


  1. tq join contest...u blog da man masukkan dalam list yg join contest..teruskan menyanyangi ibu anda yer..dia tiada pengantinya...doakan kesejahteraan ibu dunia dan akhirat..amin


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