Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salam perkenalan buat blogger baru


I want to join this segment as I went blogwalking. I think that this segment gives me chance to promote my friends blog that is new in blogging world. The questions are:

3.1- mesti cerita asal usul nama blog anda. (tidak lebih 30 patah perkataan)

Hm, this blog was born on 20th July 2010. It is my way to complete my public relation assignment as my lecturer asked me to have a blog. So, after sometimes, I felt like I'm so keen in blogging world....

3.2 - mengapa anda suka ber"blog" ( tidak lebih dari 25 patah perkataan)

I really loves blogging because blogging is one way to express my ideas, opinion and sometimes it is really fun to talk and communicate with other bloggers here. The other bloggers colours my life....

3.3 - Nyatakan azam anda terhadap blog anda. (ikot suke nk tulis apa pon)

I just want people to know my blog, I used English not to show off but to improve my English and I hope one day bloggers from other countries that is native speakers of English can help me in giving idea or critique in the way of improving English.

3.4 - Tag 5 org blogger lain dan inform mereka.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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