Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips Cake Recipe Hints to Baking Great Cakes

1. If you want a perfectly flat top ~ use the flat bottom of your cake for the top. ( Flip it over )

2. If your oven is too hot ~ then your cake will rise too much in the middle. Wait till your oven is fully preheated and use an oven thermometer to ensure proper oven temperature.

3. Add moisture and flavors with Simple Syrup ~ add extract flavors or espresso flavorings to your syrup and brush it on.

4. If your cake is too high in the center ~ take a long serrated knife and cut the top off. Wait till your cake has cooled before cutting.

5. Cheesecakes will often crack when they cool ~ spray your pan before cooking with cooking spray, so as it cools it will not stick to the sides of the pan and crack.

6. For an easy finish ~ Dust your cake with powdered sugar.

7. What about eggshells in the cake batter ~ any eggshells will sink to the bottom while baking. After cooking, turn your cake over and remove eggshells.

8. If your cake is crumbly and hard to frost ~ brush on a little Simple Syrup and freeze. It will set up and be ready for frosting.

9. Sprinkle chopped nuts onto the sides of a frosted cakes. Walnuts Pecans and Almonds make good decoration ~ adds flavor and nutrition also.

10. Investing in top quality chocolate, fruit fillings, nuts etc, makes a tremendous difference. Your cake will taste its best when starting with the best ingredients. 



  1. waa,,nak makan,,
    tapi x nk wat,,haha,, ;D

  2. luv cheesecake, never spray my pan before, will try after this. thanks

  3. Black paper: hikhik, best klau wat sendiri

    Cek Cun: ok, try it....

  4. ayuni, can you make it for me? Hehehe

  5. wah nak suruh kakak tolong buatkanlah..

  6. wah pasni leh tolong uatkan untuk amy nie he3...


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