Friday, February 4, 2011

The cake!


Today I'm in the mood of eating cakes. After my sister that works in KL coming home, she bought us a large cheese cakes, hikhik! I don't have time to snap a picture as we have ate it yesterday, hikhik. 
Well, this is some information about cakes!

Kinds of Cakes
There are two main types of cakes—butter and foam cakes. Butter cakes are those made with solid shortenings and foam cakes are those made with a large number of eggs or egg whites.
Even though these cakes also may be made with solid shortening or margarine, most people still call them butter cakes. They're moist, light, tender and fine-textured.
Foam cakes contain a large number of eggs or egg whites. Their light, fluffy texture comes from the air beaten into the eggs and from steam that forms in the batter during baking. The three types of foam cakes are angel food, chiffon and sponge. Angel food cakes contain no shortening or oil and use only egg whites. Chiffon cakes contain oil and use egg yolks and whites. Sponge cakes contain no shortening or oil and use egg yolks and whites.!


  1. kak yuni. join lah contest ucapan kekanda adinda tu :-)

  2. tengok kek tu kecur air liur..hehe

  3. Oh,you buat vna rasa nak makan kek la....

  4. i suka kek keladi je nyah!! haha

    guarau2 je..

    saya makan kek keladi je

  5. wow!! Cheese favourite!! yummy2

  6. salam..kak ayu suka ayuni write english..
    maklumlah dh lama tak tinggalkan zaman dok join warga indon....

    all the best

  7. Delicious cakes! Especially chocolate cakes. :-) Looking forward to try a cheesecake.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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