Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreaming of studying in Oxford....


My friend, Nurul called me. She said that she is quitting studying in Ain Syams and continuing her studies here in Malaysia. Hm, I just can wish her good luck because of that as I'm quite happy she's here with us. 

Well, we used to share the same dreams, once. A few years ago, before she applied to study abroad, I said that I would like to study in Oxford. What a joke! On that time I'm still a mere, innocent student pursuing my diploma. My English is bad back then ( I feels like it is still bad!). Emmet used to laugh at me because of my pronunciation and my grammatical mistake. Now, when I'm wondering alone, I'm very grateful to him as if not because his annoying slang and his mocking, there's no one to motivate me to learn English more.

What is so funny of me dreaming studying in Oxford? It's all because of this 

"Taking PHD in literature in Oxford? Duh, just cut that craps out", that was what Emmet said. I know I'm just dreaming. I'm way too bad to study there. Just then, I want to share a few informations about Oxford's English Faculty.

Oxford’s English Faculty is the largest in Britain, and one of the most illustrious Schools of English in the world. Established in 1894, it has numbered among its members some of the most important critics and scholars in the field, including J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Edmund Blunden, Nevill Coghill, Helen Gardner, Richard Ellmann, Terry Eagleton, and many others. They are now home to nearly eighty Professors, Readers, and Lecturers, with about the same number again of Tutors and Research Fellows based in Colleges. At any one time, there are roughly a thousand students studying within the Faculty at undergraduate level, and another three hundred at graduate level in the largest English graduate school in the country.

So, the writer of Lord of the ring and a few others my inspirational author is from there. Hikhik, one day, maybe my dream will comes true......


  1. xmustahil nanti ayuni dapat peluang blaja kat oxford.. semoga berjaya..

  2. patut la entri pun dlm b.i..gud luck ayuni :)


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