Sunday, February 20, 2011

Election day!


Today is the election day for BES society, BES is Bachelor of English Society. Ok, this poem is for our future leader, good luck guys!

They say not to believe anything you hear
and only half of what you see
but how long can we ride the rods?

They try to alter our thoughts and notions
and it doesn't take much effort
because our shells have been eroded.

Perhaps the adaptation process went awry
and we are not progressing, but regressing
with each passing moment.

For there are more problems than time in which to solve them
and Murphy's always in the vicinity
but don't abandon the aspirations.

Rome wasn't built in a day
but could be destroyed in a second
which shouldn't worry you, but does.

We've developed insane beliefs,
lost all respect,
and found no comfort.

We should stop the cursory glances;
for once, take a good, long look
and maybe we will understand.


  1. huhuh
    dan kepada pemenang nanti!
    jalankan tgas anda dgn baiK!

  2. jom join lucky draw..

    saye tag awak kat sini:

    nak tau lebih lanjut, pegi sini:

  3. selamat tengahari ayuni

    semoga berjaya yer..
    wah...teringat kenangan masa test dan exam...

    tak tidur malam, esok pagi..jawab paper terketar2. hehehe

  4. Hope that the elected ones are the people can perform their job better. :-)


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