Thursday, February 17, 2011


Monkey See, monkey Do
That's how it goes
We do what the media tells us to.
Those wide spread rumors
Circulate everywhere
They're damned malignant tumors.
But it's really not so wide
It happens everyday
No matter where you try to hide
It happens at work
It happens at school
And forever more, they always lurk
Reps are ruined
People destroyed
No one understand their doing
So never give up.
Join hands, stand tall
We'll help stop it once and for all.


  1. Ayuni..Camne nak buat header akak sendiri ?? Tolong !!!! :\

  2. Alloooo...Gambo tu dah terdelete...Takpelah...Nanti akak cuba buat kat rumah...Mekasih sis muaaah !!! >____<

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  4. Terima kasih atas komen di blog Ammar pasal cerita Ustazah tu.. Komen itu sangat membantu Ammar untuk menjadi blogger yang lebih baik lagi. AMMAR dah tukar tajuk tu. Ammar mintak maaf jika ada yang tersinggung.. Bukan niat Ammar. Insyaallah lepas ni Ammar akan membaiki lagi mutu penulisan di blog Ammar tu

  5. Yes, we are being influenced by media..

  6. Adoyaiii...Apasal ada tersesat komen anonumous yang pnjang lebar tu dik.. ;D


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