Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning....


Saturday comes again. That means another week will come and another adventure to go! Hikhik, This coming week is the toughest one. There are 2 tests I have to sit. then a lot of things to do.  Yeterday, I saw a bunch of new chairs to be put in the ground floor. Hm, that chairs looks quite nice but what will you say about this chair?

This is a chair created by Tom Price. He melted the blue ropes to make this kind of chair. Unique, isn't it? I think it is not suitable if in my room as the space is not too big and this chair will eat up some space. On the other hand, it is kind of creative to create this chair. What is your opinion?


  1. sekali pandang tak macam kerusi lah ayuni..hehe

  2. perghhhhh~ kerusi ke tu?? walaweyh.. cam xcaya je.. =.="

  3. Nizam datang ke sini pula ayuni...
    ok, first sekali nice blog.. cuma widget kat sidebar macam terabur je.. :) kalau leh susun sikit.. kasi tersusun...
    pastu kalau boleh lagu tu kalau leh biar visitor on bila nak dengar jer..bukan auto on.. terkejut.. hehehe

    p/s: keep in touch.. :)

  4. mmg kreatif pun.. cuma nmpk aneh kot..

  5. Hmmmm...sesapa yang sanggup beli kerusi cam tu garenti seorang artistik tegar...hehehe :)

  6. gmbr tu gmbr ape? xkn kerusi plak?

  7. creative.. but don't think normal people would buy it


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