Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Hikhik, what a great day! Our beloved prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW was born on the same date as today then I don't know that Allah want to surprise me!

One of my inspirational blogger had called me! Actually, I'm waking up today early, facing my laptop and searching some information regarding my assignments. As usual, I opened my reading list and I saw that the great blogger has posted his post about something. I'm quite excited regarding the matter that he wrote but really can't open his post in his blog. I comments in his blog, he's not answered it. I really want to know! Ya Allah, I click at every part of his blog and I saw the contact number. I even asked MR S tu take a look at his blog. Without thinking twice, I texted him, asking about his newest post. Hm, there's still no reaction. I guess i'm just interupting him in the morning, that is my fault. 

9.01 am, my hand set ringing! I looked at the screen and Ya Allah, am I dreaming? The respected blogger, my inspirational blogger called me. I answered his call and chat with him for a few minutes. Hikhik, I'm quite ashamed of myself when he said that actually that post will be aired in a certain time! Yuni, you are not patient! Alas, I'm so grateful to Allah because of that unpatientness of me, someone that really gives a very great impact in my life called me. 

To that blogger, I don't want to mention your name here as to respect you and also what did you gave to me. You are really a good guy.  I will do my best next time! Thank you for calling me! May Allah bless you always!


  1. misteri la pulak..tertanya-tanya sapa blogger tu...hikhik...

  2. That mystery blogger really has a great impact on you ya..

  3. i know tht prson. dpt sguhati die kn

  4. http://nadhirah1989.blogspot.com/2011/02/berapakah-hari-anda-hidup.html


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