Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You are beautiful....


Someone asked me, "Yuni, am I beautiful?". That someone is a girl, a friend of mine for 6 years. I just said yes because yes, she is beautiful, with fair skin, beautiful eyes, skinny and a very pinky lips. I knew her and still, she is beautiful.  "why are you asking me that" I asked her back. 
Hm, she said something that I don't want to discuss here but I just give a conclusion. Her boyfriend said that she's not beautiful like before. Oh crap, that guy is really useless. Actually, what is beautiful to him? Someone that can easily be touch? someone that is with soft, lush, flirty voice?

Beautiful is abstract. Everyone is unique in their own way. You are beautiful enough, H. Hm, does he love you because of your beautifulness or your heart? Ask him that......



  1. kalau cinta atas dasar cantq..
    baik tak payah!

  2. cinta sbb cntik, lme2 da jemu ckp xcntik, bek xya bcinta..

  3. cantik bukan saja pada rupa.. yg penting ikhlas..

  4. agree with you ayuni....
    sory, lama tak jejak sini and membalas jejak, baru balik dari kursus...

  5. yess!!beautful is unique!
    sy follow sini yer

  6. hahaha...cam nak tanye balik kat lelaki 2..."assalamualaikum awak.awak rase awak enSeMmm kerr???"
    kihkihkih =P
    ag 1 lau lelaki 2 kate dia da xcantik...lelaki 2 y kne ati2..sbb ramai ag lelaki len y akan ckp gf dia cantik...hahaha xtakot kehilangan kerrr..?menyesal xsuda xde gunenyerr

  7. True beauty is inside a person, projected out. And speaking of beauty, your blog is gorgeous! Looking forward to following :))

  8. Beauty from the inside is much more better than the beauty from the outside..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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