Monday, March 14, 2011

Every positive way......


In our stategic communication class today, Mr Azizi told us about the Tsunami in Japan.I thought that it was a very shocking disaster as the Tsunami news is not happen for a long time until last Friday, allah showed His power to us. For me, this news is a sign from allah. All of these times, I'm kind of don't alert about the situation nowadays. Just then, I really grateful that I'm in Malaysia and we don't face any od these dangerous disaster. Once again, thank you Allah.......


  1. yes..sign from Allah to remind us...

  2. bila Allah nak 'sapu', tiada siapa dapat menghalang.

  3. 2 la tande kekuasaan Allah...:)

  4. Thank God we are still not in Ring of Fire region. But whatever happened around may affect us.

  5. bila Allah mahukan ia terjadi, sesaat pun tidak akan terlambat...

    peringatan bahawa hidup kita terlalu singkat. rugi dipersiakan begitu saja

  6. yup a 'sign' from ALLAH,thanks 4 following me,i follow u back,actually i don't know how to create header,i had download adobe Photoshop but i don't know how to use it..hehehhe


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