Sunday, March 20, 2011

A jolly good day!


Hikhik, I'm happy. Why did I'm so happy? Yay, It's all because of I win GA prom Mr Eqbalzack! Actually I don't expect to win in this GA as when I say one by one, my post about this GA is not as good as others.  Then, it seems like my day today is kind of topsy turvy. I'm quite blur in everything, even when I'm driving.

Still, my problem with the taskbar of my laptop is so ugly! The result of Mr Eqbalzack really saved my day. Thank you very much, Mr Eqbalzack, I really appreciate it. May Allah bless you always! If you want to know more, click at the banner. 

Ps: Hikhik, sorry Bro EQ, I print screen your blog.....this is my gratitude to you....


  1. congratulation! you're one lucky gal

  2. I'm glad and grateful to hear that. :-) Congratulation miss Ayuni! :-)

  3. haha jgn pggil bro..
    pggil mr Eqbal.. kekeke..

    lect saye nie..

  4. Bestnyeee... Congrats sis !!! ;)


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