Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What happend in UniSZA?


I guess that in this early morning I can't post anything, Just then, when I saw the rain that is so heavily out there from my room's  window triggered me to post something. I look and look and look outside. Ya Allah, another disaster in UniSZA. Rains that washed UniSZA's ground from yesterday's night brought us, students of UniSZA a big disaster. There's another flood in UniSZA!

Hm, last night, when I went to buy an Oblong burger in the new cafe of UniSZA, the water still in the level of my fibula and then this morning, water is near to my kneecap! I'm blur! Quite worried about my CCB but I can see that CCB is still in the safe level.

UniSZA, please do something!


  1. dah macam musim tengkujuh..akak pun ada buat entri pasal banjir nie...kat bandar pun teruk jugak..

  2. tulah skang musim dia.. harap2 tak berlaku tragedi yang xdiingini..

  3. flooddd.... td bace blog sape yek, die pon bgtau kat ganu tgh flood skang..harap2 sume dipermudahkan ye korang kat sane..

    meh ke rumah..
    ~danial n science~
    keep in touch ye..♥♥♥

  4. Waaahhh ... Layout baru yeee ... Hijau jugak kan .. 'Segar' jeeee kaaann ;D

    So, how is the flood? Ok ke dah ? Hope everything OK yaa .. !

    P/S : Mekasih tegur pasal banner tu .. Still under construction sebenarnye .. Hehehe .. Tp dah tukar dah .. Gi la tengok .. ;)


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