Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to the future!


Life is not easy, I hope that I', still in diploma years in UiTM. Hm, a good statement from one of my diploma friends. I think that the statement is some kind of "from the heart" statement. Yes, if we can turn back time, we will say like that. Everyone want to change their future just like that. They want to repair all the mistakes that they have done before. 

In my opinion, we can't erase the past but still we can change our future. The past is the past. What can we do? We don't have to cry over spilled milk. I just want to think positive and keep moving on even though sometimes I also like them, wishing the same thing.......


  1. betul tu.. yg lps kita jdkn pengajaran..

  2. yes! life must go on..strive for a better future and hope that we are not going to repeat the same mistakes.

  3. A past is a past. But you can do something to determine how your future will be on your side.

  4. here..akmal..

    i would like to inform you that you have been tagged by me in a contest..(hehee)..this is the link

    kan kak WC kan?...

  5. you might want to go to my page..thank you..

  6. yeaahh.. Just keep on moving ~


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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