Thursday, April 14, 2011

What say you?


There's something interesting with the tittle. Actually, my Discourse and Profesion lecturer had uttered this question many times in our Discourse and Profesion class.

It is not and alien phrases to me as before, Emmet tend to use it when he's talking to us (Azam, Walik, Fida, Amy and Lela).

Deliberately, I would like to say that I'm interested in this sentence. Is it the same with the sentence "What did you say?". Hm, I have to expand more in the morphology and syntax element.

Sentences in English is quite unique. We have to follow the rule of SVO (subject-verb-object) in order to make a good English sentences. Just then, Madam Sally stated "what about good morning or take care"? It is not according to the SVO rules". 

So, I'm thinking . Trying to find the right answer. Ya Allah, Madam Sally had given the answer in the class but on that time, I don't know what I'm doing, maybe quite blur but it's all my fault!

What I want to pin point here is I want the reader to know and have a good attention on the "what say you" sentence. If you heard it for the first time, maybe it is quite weird but if you are surrounded with peoples that like to use "what say you" in every day conversation, you will adapt to it like me. Emmet used to torture me with lots of new sentences and slang's that is sometimes making me annoyed and irritated with him. 

In contrast, he is one of the "weird" person in my life that "competence" and really fluent in english. Sometimes, he's the one that influenced me with his way of speaking and making people around me irritated when they heard I', speaking through the handphone with Emmet. So, what say you?


  1. what I say.. i really don't understand.. sorry i'm weak in this language..

  2. I say, you just be yourself. :-)

  3. english sangat menyeronokkan tapi jarang sekali saya gunakan kecuali bila keadaan memerlukan..

  4. what say you, what do you think..

    jom join contest as easy as a pie nih, kalo ada masa ya

  5. ur english is so good too.. hehe.. lau cik su habis ayat tunggang langgang


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