Friday, May 20, 2011

Loving it.....


Friday again! Hikhik, I'm so happy today but I don't know why. Maybe at last I have some time for this simple blog. Life is so busy these days. Everyday is interesting to me. something new and marvellous will happens to me. What is the secret? Hm, I just keep in my mind that just think positive and all is well like MR S said to me. MR s, thank you very much, all is well....

n the midst of a busy life a call yells out, 
The beauty of the wild a beacon to a restless heart, 
But amidst this busy life there's comfort 
In the mind, and a constant thought of doubt
Secures the feet aground, the sound of waves ashore
That mingles with the breeze of dawn, 
Tha sun lazily rising from the East, its rays reflects
The beauty a calm morning does bring, 
The eyes that's closed can see the imaginings
Of minds that love the peace the wild does bring, 
A walk by the shore, the bare feet touches the sand
Reminds the heart the beauty of life in the wilds, 
Nature - sea and land - a balance to a restless busy mind
In constant thought of life in need of a balanced busy life.

'From the cubicle of my imaginings' 


  1. wahh suke yer ari jumaat...bagus..kan penghulu segala hari..kom lah singgah ke WADi..nak share ilmu berguna kepada anda,insyaAllah

    World of Ad-Dien (WADi)

  2. Mr S.... then h... then a... haaaaaa

    Friday means rest to me... hehehe

  3. Have a good rest will you? :-)

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Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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