Monday, June 20, 2011

The guy and the mirror.......


In a land of far, far away, there was a girl that is so simple in the way of dressing, even, she is a brilliant girl that knows about her life and her destination. Eventually, she likes to take a look at a guy, smart in the way of appearance but stupid in mind, I presumed. 

The guy used to play a so called game that is "POLO" and always being cheered by girls from all over the land because of his so called charming attitude. Duh, I hate to describe his attitude. Then, I really don't know why this petite yet cute girl like this guy.

Thus, the gossip folks of the town that is so busy body about others life bad mouth about this girl feelings towards the guy. As usual, the guy will take notice of the stupid gossip as people tends to hear gossip first before asking the fellow behind the gossip. So, he asked the girl to meet him.

On a very fine day, this simple girl with an innocent heart went to see that guy. Ok, guess what? That guy giving her something. What is it?

oh, a very beautiful mirror! The girl is quite blur because she did't know the true meaning of the gift. So what is your opinion, dearie readers?


  1. I think the guy wants to say that the simple girl is beautiful in her own way. From the mirror, the girl can look at herself and realize that she is one of the kind :')

  2. he ask the girl to ukur baju di badan sendiri. Who she is to be with him (so cruel cruel cruel). hehe..just an opinion....jom visit my blog, GA :-)

  3. the guy is saying that 'girl, look at the mirror before you like me. 'implicitly. My advice to the girl, please find other guy.. :-)

  4. senang jer..
    cerminlah muka tu dulu..huhu

  5. hmmm....cermin pun boleh bikin silau mata yg memandang. kan?

  6. die suruh permpuan tu cermin diri.huh. perasan bagus la mamat tu. baik girl tu cari llaki len yg lebih baik. sekian, tu pndapat sy. ehehe^^

  7. a mirror is a mirror. that guy is stupid. he couldn't think of hiding secret message behind a gift. so i would like to recommend the girl to stop thinking to much and complicated herself. guys like simplicity.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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