Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 magical facts about Harry Potter (1)


I'm kind of liking to watch Harry Potter and reading the books too. As Emmet is so fanatic about this magical guy, I found this is his note book, duh!

  1. As of 2008, Harry Potter books have sold over 400 million copies and have been translated into 67 languages.i
  2. A picture of Gandalf the Grey (from The Lord of the Rings) can be seen in the collection of great wizards in Professor Dumbledore’s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.f
  3. Author J. K. Rowling recently revealed that Dumbledore is gay and he had a crush on the wizard Grindelwald, whom he later defeated in a wizard duel.a
  4. As every Potter fan knows, Dementors are deadly, magical, wraith-like creatures. Rowling revealed that they represent depression and that they were based on her own experience with the disease. The remedy to lighten the effects of a Dementor is chocolate.e

  5. Rowling is the first person to become a billionaire (U.S. dollars) by writing books.i
  6. In 2007, Rowling was runner up for Time magazine’s Person of the Year.i
  7. The death of Rowling’s mother from multiple sclerosis significantly influenced her writing, and death is a major theme throughout the Potter series.j
  8. The actress who played Moaning Myrtle is actually 37 years old and is the oldest actress to portray a Hogwarts student.g
  9. Rowling discovered “witchy” sounding names such as toadflax, goutwort, grommel, and others in Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, a famous book of herbal lore from the 1600s.h
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released on July 21, 2007, and sold 11 million copies on the first day of its release, breaking Rowling's earlier records for the fastest selling book of all time.a
Hikhik, Emmet, I know something (Duh, he won't be the late A)........

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