Friday, July 29, 2011

Good actors from Singapore.....


Raining heavily when I walking from my home until to the office. Then, I'm doing something stupid when I've taken wrong train as KTM change their schedule and making me late for work. Alas, Alhamdulilllah because at last, I arrived at my office nearly 8.30, happily running towards Lubna's desktop and chatting with her.....hikhik......

Duh, I would like to compose here that last night I've saw a very good movie. It was between Harimau Malaya and that "Lion". Lol, That Lion really got lots of good actors. I must give them awards for the best actor and the loud speaker. Anyway, Dearie Harimau Malaya, you've done a good job and I'm proud to be Malaysian.....

The warriors!


  1. ingt pelakon siapa tadi btw malysia still no. 1..

  2. rezeki tidak memihak kita..apa nak buat..

  3. Harimau Malaya still da BEST !!!!
    Singapore is a LOSER !! Booooooo !!! >o<

  4. pelakon2 handalan tu ye..huhu
    yg penting, kita main jujur..wira kita tetap hebat!

  5. malaysia kalah dengan bermaruah kan ?? hee

  6. salam singgah sayangku ayu..
    lama kak tak singgah blog kamu..
    kak ambil kesempatan nak ucap salam ramadhan ya. maaf andai spjgn persahabatan y terjalin kak terkasar bahasa penulisan

    PS: harimau malaya mmg dihati

  7. yup!i love watching football match! selamat berpuasa yuni!


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