Saturday, September 24, 2011

The mocking bird and the butt kisser....


Thank you very much Ya Allah for giving me these experiences. Hm, looking at the tittle, you all will guess what I want to jot here. Hikhik, actually maybe it is just a tittle but I just want to say a little bit. What will I do or act when I'm around this person? Ow, so easy, just ignore them. They are not the same standard as I am, that is some motivation quote from my supervisor. Yea, in the outside world there are so many mocking bird ( especially the mocking bird thaT believe that they are right and everyone are wrong, the mockingbird that can't accept that they lose in the game of life, hikhik, when they can't get the guy that they want and show the childish act ) and alas, the buttkisser that is so not ashamed to themselves instead of making others life miserables. Sorr my dear readers, a little bit of sarcasm but we have to face it.

Anyway, I just always bear in my mind that " 

“People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them... you affected their lives, they didn't affect yours.”


  1. indeed. They just jealous of somebody's life and btw.. why whenever i want to open you blog, my antivirus detected virus from you blog. Could make something, im afraid there is (are) virus (s) in your blog, thank you. btw.. nice sarcasm entry.hahahah

  2. definitely. The best thing to do is just ignore them and just proceed with your life..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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