Saturday, October 15, 2011

Colorful contact lenses....


Contact lenses is some kind of sight help nowadays. People tend to use this thingy as they don't want to use spectacles. I'm using just a simple contact lenses right now, a no color one. Hm, as yesterday when I hang around the optometrist shop, I think that I want to try one. Yes, I do heard lots of peoples stated that wearing contact lenses will injure our eyes but right now, it is just for the sake of my eyes. I have the nearsighted problem and for the time being, I want to wear contact lenses before buying new spectacles (before this I wear one but it malfunction because of some stupid mistake I've done during my diploma years that I will tell you all later). 

Ok, I want to know your opinion about color contact lenses, is it good or bad?


  1. mata ka masih elok.. alhmadulillah..=)

    nak taw nikmat dunia ? jom..=)

  2. good ! it`s nice when you wearing . it`s will make your eyes big and beautiful:)

  3. tak pasal coloured contact lenses tapi memang pakai clear contact lenses sebab near sighted..power sgt tinggi ..since ada astigmatism tak leh la nak pakai yg colour punya..

  4. tak sure..jika penjgaan ok it should be ok kot..

  5. It will be okay if you know how to keep this contact lense in proper way, I guess. You need a little bit extra careful with it. :-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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