Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ocean life.....


Look behind, nice or not? hikhik, just for this October, I tend to change the wallpaper into oceanic life. Well, when I pondering alone, I love to see the beautiful blue ocean and if in here, in Terengganu. Pantai Tok Jembal is the best place. 

Talking about ocean, in there, don't we realize that there's lot of life in that big ocean. Allah creates lots of beautiful and unique marine life. It is depend on us to discover it. As big as ocean, our life is in the same boat. We are the one that has to discover the beautifulness and the uniqueness of life by thinking out of the box and doing something more than we can do. We are the one that can change our self not others. Others can say whatever they want to say and words can't kill us.

So, act now!

Ps: This article is written when I'm wondering about all of my TV AL Hijrah's friends. Hope Allah will always bless them.....


  1. nice background! yes! there's a lot to discover about life

  2. sgt suka kehidupan laut...

  3. It's so nice reading and listening to love song like this...wanna learn to do it from u soon:-)

  4. Beautifu wallpaper! :-) Beautiful like the owner! ;-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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