Friday, February 24, 2012

Coding, coding.....


Seems everyone wants to communicate, language is the best answer. We have our own language, the animals too. But how about our computer? Hikhik, Emmet will say that I'm insane for talking with my laptop. Duh, I'm not connecting seriously. This language is kind of unique and only the world wide web used it. Yes, the HTML. As I'm not a computer programmer student nor software engineering one, I just excited and ready to know the HTML from Emmet, Azam and Amir. 

PS: Emmet, thank you very much for the coding.....What is HTML coding? I tell you all next time.....the world of knowledge is so broad, I love to learn new things.....


  1. WAH dia belajar coding la,nanti kalau dah terer ajar saya pulak ye.hihi..

  2. I can't wait for the lesson. ;-)

  3. The Binary CODE! heee :3 all I know is about logic gates in Physics. IOIOIO<---Unique Alien's Coding hee :3

  4. hello there...what coding you're talking about, i just couldn't understand...hehe..
    Blogwaking here....^^


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