Sunday, March 4, 2012

Almost lady (4)

She try to absorb her mind into the novel that she read but it just like wasting her time.The Faculty of English studies library  of Winchester University seems deserted on that 9 pm but Abigail feels like she's not alone. Hundred of eyes looking at her, smirking and jeering because of the goody two shoes's status in that damn Facebook wall.

 A guy with chestnut haired were busily searching for physics books nearby. Between the shelves, he saw that girl. Tears falling down from that a pair of green eyes. He walked to the other shelves that is opposite where the girl was standing. "Miss, are you trying to wash that book with your tears?" silently he asked, looking straight at the girl's face. Abigail startled by the words. She closed the novel and try to wash away her tears by using her handkerchief. 

" Hey, mister, maybe you are wrong, there's lots of dust here" Abigail answered back. " Owh, as if I'm the one that is wearing spectacles!" Jerome smiled. Without they realized it, both of their eyes locked together. "Hell, no, she is so damn cute"  Jerome said to himself, trying to keep his smile and not to frighten that so called damsel in distress. Abigail just look at him. " Erm, is that a big problem with you?" asked Abigail. She doesn't know that in front of her, standing and trying to be a macho guy is one of the Faculty of Engineering's best student. 

To be continue...


  1. Whoa! Abigail's lover? Yay the next part is gonna be totally awesome! :D

  2. Why is Abigail crying?

    such a good story ! cepat sambung ! :)

  3. nice... good mownink ayuni (",)

  4. Assalammualaikum ..

    Waaa ... Menulis english story !! Congrats sis !!

    Header n layout bertuko lagi .. Rajinnyeeee =)

  5. tak mampu buat english2 story la sis.


  6. I missed the story!!..i'll read them soon.must be interesting.


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