Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost lady......(1)

"You are the one that can give the right decision, I won't give any to you" Gertrude looking towards her friend, Abigail Cavendish. The girl with an auburn hair and wearing spectacle looked at her. "It is easy to you, but....

"I won't, I'm just your friend, I'm no you! If you want to be treated like what they've treated you before, you can just be the old you, being shouted, bullied and they are mocking you, all over that stupid wall of Facebook! Come on, Abby, changing won't hurt you!" 

Abigail sighed. Gertrude is one of the person in her life that always by her side. she's the one that still be her friend after her being mocked and insulted in the Facebook. She's thinking, what will she do to change in order to make Gertrude happy. What will she do?

To be continue.....


  1. I'm excited to know the next part!!! :D
    this story is going to be awesome! :D

  2. wow...I'll wait for the next part...!!!=D


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