Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beautiful date.....

Owh, look above! Nice title eh? Hikhik, when you read the title what will you think? This two words across my mind when Waalique called me last night. Oh yeah, we talk a lot about his new car and our life especially in a motivation aspects. 

It was a joke at first when the words "beautiful date" comes to my mind but he said that he has a beautiful date. Hm, as I'm thinking in English on that time, I confused. Beautiful date has two meanings if you all relate it and think about it in the other way. Date can be the day of the month or year specified by a number if it is stated in the parts of speech, noun. In either way, the meaning of date is a social or romantic appointment or engagement. 

Thus, if the word "date" is combined with the word "beautiful", what will be? Is it the first meaning of the date or the second one. So, I asked him " Which date is it?". He wants me to guess. Hm, I'm thinking.....

Let's go to this blog,


  1. i guess its gonna be a special day for a special moment..n u both still choosing which number would be a 'beautiful date' for that beautiful moment..(^_^) ..

  2. huh. mmg double meaning. due² pun sweet. ;)

  3. whatever it is, i'm sure it'll be a special day 4 u both. isn't it? :)

  4. May Every Special Date Brings Special moments :D


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