Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, 13th.....

Alhamdullillah, Friday comes again. Yes, Friday, 13th. Yesterday, I read about this date is some what  believed to be a day of bad luck. What a very .......superstition!  I take a look at this year (2012)  calendar and guess what, there are three other days that sharing 13th on Friday that were January, Afril and July. Logically, is it true during these dates a bad luck will overcome us?

Thus, I get these from

Many parties, some with themes similar to Halloween, are celebrated on Friday 13.
Some charities use Friday 13 to hold fund raising events. Friday 13 is a big celebration for motorcyclists at Port Dover in Ontario, Canada. PD13, as it’s called, attracts large crowds.
Friday 13 in August is considered unluckier than any other Friday 13 in Brazil, especially as agosto (August) rhymes with desgosto (sorrow).
In many Spanish speaking countries, the movie "Friday the 13th" was renamed to Tuesday the 13th ("Martes 13") Tuesday 13 is believed to be a day of bad luck, not Friday 13.

Hm, do you all believe in these? Weird.....


  1. In USA Friday the 13th where hackers send virus to computer users,so they consider it's a bad luck to be online on that day.America is a day slower than they will be cautious tomorrow XDD

  2. fuyyohh,biar benar?? x sangka..mcm2 kan.

  3. got a few Muslim frens who celebrate that weird day. I just don't get it! :o

  4. Heard about it.. A bit neglecting it..:-)

  5. rekaan yahudi yg sgt mengarut. nak kongsi jugak pasal ni. ;)


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