Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chit chat in the middle of the night.....

Morning everyone! 1st of May, Labor's day. One day off for the workers out there. As usual, my friend, Fida calling me in the middle of the night if she get a day off. A very hardworking mother with a new vision. I like to chat with her. In other words, I love to hear her blabbering about her life and works. We will never talks about others if we have some time to chat but about ourselves. 

She taught me about perseverance. Especially in handling a very strict boss. Hm, she is the only one that can ignore what people gossiping in our department, I remind back 5 years ago. She taught me to do what I suppose to do and not just commenting on others. She opens my eyes about analyzing myself first before analyzing others. She has the same opinion with one of my lecturer, standing with the philosophy " compete with yourself but not others". I'm no like others. This is me and I won't be others. Envy is not in my list......


  1. She opens my eyes about analyzing myself first before analyzing others.
    So very nice n clever.Kena terima teguran org secara positif kan..tq suka kuih ketayap anak saya.

  2. That will make you special from others. :-)

  3. i second on you..analyzing ourself first before analyzing others..and if you respect them once, they will respect you twice..:)

  4. Salam,yep we have to see the person in the mirror before saying about other people and hohoh darling I'm carving your name in my heart :)

  5. sabar separuh dari iman. ;)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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