Friday, May 18, 2012

English fictions......

Reading is one of the way to pass my free time. Hikhik, right now, there's no free time for me but I still have something to say here. As i'm doing my research about fictions, I did come to lots of great websites from the English book publishers. Well, the English fictions are quite different from the Malay fictions. 

I'm viewing from my eyes as an avid readers of English fictions starting from my primary years. Lots of vocabularies can be get from there as well the motivation values it it. Enid Blyton is one of the greatest children story teller on that time. 

Owh, how i miss to read this book again....


  1. enid blyton is the best. ;)

  2. eh, sy pun suka baca buku mcm ni. dpt improve english;)

  3. Enid blyton such a gd writer for me while I was a kid. And I still remember one of the story, learn the right habit and what will go with u if u break the promise. But to tell u the truth, I always pronounced 'Enid' as 'Grid' because the way they write his name- E looks like G.

    Anyway I follow U :D

  4. My 1st bw here n Followed . Hope hit me back


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