Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An important spiritual month.....

My dear readers,

Rajab marks the beginning of the spiritual season of every believer ending with the end of the fasting month of Ramadan with the Eid Al Fitr. These three months are unmatched in their importance. Praise be to the Almighty and thanks to Him for granting us yet another opportunity to cleanse ourselves of our sins and oversights.

I don't know why I'm so excited in this becoming Rajab month. I want to share something with you all.

The Greatness of the Month of Rajab

This month is one of the noblest of months for the following reasons

1. It is one of the Sacred Months (there are four of these in the Islamic calendar). 

2. It is one of the months of Supplication and even during the period of Ignorance (before the coming of Islam) this was well known amongst the people and the Arabs of that time would always wait and anticipate the coming of this month so that they could supplicate and ask their needs. 

3. This month is the month of Amir Al-Mo’minin `Ali ibn Abi salib (peace be upon him) just as it has been mentioned in the ahadith and as we are also told that the month of Sha`ban is the month of the Messenger of Allah (prayers be upon him and his family) and the Month of Ramadhan is the month of Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him). 

4. The first night of this month is one of the four nights in the year which it has been emphasized that we should stay awake in prayer and worship. 

5. In relation to the 15th of this month, it has been mentioned that it is the most loved of days in the sight of Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him) and it is the time when we should perform the action known as 
“Istiftah” .

6. The 27th of this month is the date when the official appointment of the Noble Prophet (prayers be upon him and his family) took place and it is the day when the mercy and blessings of Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him) were physically manifested upon this Earth – something which this world has never seen from its inception until today. 

I want to know more about Rajab and I've been Googling for it. Thank you to Mr Hishamuddin and http://nunalifnunalif.blogspot.com (she is my new blogger friend).


  1. Thank you Allah for granting us this special month full of barakah.

  2. a litle bit frustrated coz tadi x puasa rejab. penat sgt. lapar =)

  3. selamat menyambut kedatangan rejab. ;)


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