Friday, October 5, 2012

Communication? Don't force it.....

I just don't get it. Sometimes, when we try to communicate to the others, that person seems to willing to be in the same situation. Otherwise, time constraint and surrounding makes the other to ignore us and left us in the middle of the conversation.

Yes, the art of communication is not that easy. We can't force others to listen to what we want to convey. Alas, there are lots of "species" that in the type of forcing us to listen to them without considering our time and  situation. Hm, what to do, I just think positive and listen......

PS: Happy birthday to Mr Shamsul, you are a great executive!


  1. lumrah kehidupankan.. selalu dipaksa tanpa rela..
    tapi bila turn kita...hurrmm...

  2. agreed!!sometime it happen to me ;-)

  3. btul2,xsume manusia nak dgr pckpan kalau kita tahu skill perhubungan, org tu mau mendgr percakapan kita;D


    khas for you:)

  5. lumrah hidup tu ayuni...kekadang wani pun penah jd mcm tuh


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