Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poem for my ex supervisor, Madam Mairas....

Dear Madam Mairas,

 I had no where to turn, had no where to go.
this is just something I think you need to know
I don't know what made me trust you
I still remember the day when I told you what I've been through
I thought I should run away, go hide in a hole
but then you really brought out my true soul

As each day grew longer
our trust became stronger
each time I wanted to cry
you stayed there right by my side

then I moved to the next stage
Boy was I afraid
that our trust would slowly fade
but I was wrong
we are still strong

even though sometimes you don't have time
you at least ask me if I am fine
even though sometimes I am not
I feel like I have just been shot
I smile and say yes I'm alright
then I walk away and your out of sight
I'll just have to wait
I still have my fate

I am so glad
that you were there when I was sad
and this is what makes you
Not just my supervisor, my friend


  1. So sweet.... supervisor u such a humble person. She not proud where she hv been. How lucky u r

  2. sronok baca...memang lucky person ayuni jumpe supervisor camtu
    bez pulak dpt ber-online nih..lama dah terperangkap dlm tempurung...hikhik...masih slow meng-update blog nih

  3. Whoaaa..untunglaaa dapat supervisor camni...hhehhehe

  4. Nice poem.. Bukan senang nak dapat sv yang boleh jadi kawan macam ni.. =)

  5. untungnya.. dapat org mcm tu.. hargailah beliau.. :)

  6. bertuahnya dpt supervisor merangkap kawan

  7. wah sgt bertuah :)

    saya dah update...
    hope dapat tolong walaupun agak susah.... :(

  8. poem utk akak takde keeee. hehe.


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